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21 Jan 2014

nest-thermostat Tony Fadell CEO of Nest Labs Going a step further, Fadell vows that, in the event any future changes are made, Nest Labs will be sure to make these revisions in policy opt-in. Furthermore, Fadell pledges to be very transparent about any changes in policy going forward. In a nutshell, Fadells vow suggests that they will likely be changing its user policy in the future (just not now), but at least they will be working to make sure that any changes are optional. So why all the concern about a Google-led Nest Labs? Bottom-line, there are some folks that are concerned that giving Google further access to the Internet of Things opens a door that will allow them to further spy on us, collecting even more data about how we live our lives and then they will use that information to monetize us. Lets be honest: Of course Google wants more data! Thats their business model, love it or hate it.


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